Relevant letter projects and resources

Below are details of some relevant, on-going, letter-related projects.

The Cullen Project

William Cullen was one of the most eminent physicians of his day, and the most influential medical lecturer of his generation. He rose to international fame as the leading figure in Edinburgh University medical school and served as president of the RCPE. Cullen played an important role in the Scottish Enlightenment, and among his close associates are David Hume, Adam Smith and William Hunter.

The Cullen Project is an AHRC-funded collaboration between the School of Critical Studies (English Literature) at the University of Glasgow and the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (RCPE). We are working on the digitisation and transcription of the entirety of Dr Cullen’s medical correspondence. Our edition will have innovative search facilities with supportive editorial apparatus and will be of value to academics, practitioners, students and the general public. We aim to create a publicly accessible online scholarly edition of one of the most important archives of eighteenth-century medical consultation letters.

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Letters of Artisans and the Labouring Poor

The LALP team have built a corpus of poor relief letters by artisans and the labouring poor in England during the period 1750-1835. For more details of this project see: 

Stories of Migration Old & New: Linguistic Identities in Northern Ireland and Beyond